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Contents:   September 15 , 2018  Volume. 14   Number. 1    [Index by Author]
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Phenotypic Heterogeneity of the m.3243A>G Variant
Josef Finsterer
Int  J  Biomed  Sci 2018 Volume 14: 1-2 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]

The Regulatory/Cytotoxic T Cell Profiles in Blood of Pediatric Kidney-Transplant Recipients with Acute Rejection
Fatina I. Fadel1 Manal F. Elshamaa2, Mona H. Ibrahim3, Rasha E.E. Galal1, Solaf Kamel3, Dina Kandil3, Mostafa El-Ahmady2, Dalia A. Abd-El Haleem3
Int  J  Biomed  Sci 2018 Volume 14: 3-11 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]

Effect on Skin Condition by 8-week Ingestion of Standardized Cherry Blossom Flower Extract (Sakura Extract-P)
Akimasa Matsuyama,1 Mitsunori Kikuchi2, Hiroshi Shimoda2
Int  J  Biomed  Sci 2018 Volume 14: 12-19 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]

To Compare and Evaluate the Bond Strength of Acrylic Denture Teeth with Heat Cure Acrylic Resin and Thermoplastic Denture Base Material after Different Surface Treatments of Acrylic Teeth - An In Vitro Study
A. Hari Prasad, Kirti Roopwani, H. S. Mohammed, Vinaya Kundapur, M. Anand, Arpita Dutta
Int  J  Biomed  Sci 2018 Volume 14: 20-25 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]

Early Identification of Bacterial Isolates from Positive Blood Culture Bottles using MALDI-TOF MS and Early Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing on Pediatric Oncology Patients
Mervat Gaber Elanany1, 2, Tarek Mohamed Mansour1, 3, Reem Mostafa Hassan1, 2, Hany Maher1
Int  J  Biomed  Sci 2018 Volume 14: 26-31 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]

Condylomata Acuminata of the Urethral Meatus: Successful Combination Therapy
R. Khiari, H. Ichaoui, M. Raboudi, B. Kabre, M. A. Bakir, C. Denguir, S. Ghozzi
Int  J  Biomed  Sci 2018 Volume 14: 32-35 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]

Polypharmacy and Anticholinergic Burden in Hospitalised Older Patients - A Cross Sectional Audit
Joanna Ulley1, Sakila Sickander2, Ahmed H. Abdelhafiz2
Int  J  Biomed  Sci 2018 Volume 14: 36-40 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]

Localized Necrotic Ulceration Gingivitis, in Orthodontic Patient, Treated with Non- Surgical Periodontal Therapy and with Probiotics (L. Reuteri)
Giovanna Mosaico1, Antonia Sinesi2, Matteo Fanuli3, Micol Casalino4, Giovanni Mautarelli5, Cinzia Casu6
Int  J  Biomed  Sci 2018 Volume 14: 41-47 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
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