English Translation Services

We have found that there is a considerable demand for English translation and editing of manuscripts. Often, manuscripts submitted by non-native English speakers that describe high quality scientific work contain numerous typographical, syntax and grammatical errors that need to be improved or corrected prior to submission for publication.

IJBS (International Journal of Biomedical Science) provides a paid English Language Translation Service Program. If your paper needs to be translated into English or professionally edited, please send your request to: english@ijbs.org. Manuscripts will be translated or revised by a professional who is familiar with your field and your language. This service can enhance the intrinsic value of a manuscript, and speed its publication.

This program is not limited to manuscripts submitted for publication in IJBS. However a discount will be applied to papers that are to be published in IJBS.

Professional English translators needed

 If you have or are currently pursuing an advanced degree (M.S., Ph.D. or related professional program) in the fields of medical and biomedical science, and if you are bilingual, you may register to be an English translator.

Please send your information to: english@ijbs.org. It will include language(s) that you can translate into English, along with your personal and contact information. We will provide you with scientific manuscripts for professional translation and/or editing services for which you will be financially compensated. Note that for students and post-graduate fellows, such service can provide a unique and valuable line on curriculum vitas.

Except students and post-graduate fellows, we also welcome any other professionals to join this program. We encourage people who wish to volunteer their translation services as well. In exchange, your name will be listed on articles that you helped to translate.